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Hoping for Audacity

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Paul Krugman had an article today in the New York Times that I hope Obama read. You know I’m not so sure that President Obama has gotten good advice from his advisers, although I noticed as of yesterday they were all pretty fired up and no longer making “wishy washy” statements. In fact when I say Gibbs yesterday he really looked angry. They can’t afford to allow the conservatives to get the upper hand and I fear that is what has been going on.
I believe that Paul Krugman wants nothing more than to see Obama succeed.

Paul Krugman:

President Obama will give his big health-care speech tomorrow. Let’s hope he does it right.

What does that mean? It means not playing professor; it means not having the speech read as if it were written by a committee (like that woefully weak op-ed in the Times a couple of weeks back); it means showing real passion about health care, which has been sadly lacking so far.

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The Siver Lining: consumers cut debt by record $21.6B in July

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In my household we have had a goal of achieving zero credit card debt which luckily we have managed to accomplish. What tough times sometimes do is cause us to step back and evaluate our spending habits and make adjustments. So the fact that as a country we are saving more (and charging less) in spite of the bad economy is a positive sign. It may mean a slower recovery but it will lead to more stability in the long run

WASHINGTON – Consumers slashed their borrowing in July by the largest amount on record as job losses and uncertainty about the economic recovery prompted Americans to rein in their debt.
Economists expect consumers will continue to spend less, save more and trim debt to get household finances decimated by the recession into better shape


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“We Can’t Afford to Wait” video from MoveOn.org

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MoveOn.org members and R.E.M. speak out for health care reform. We need a public option now.


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