Will Spiderman Become a Teabagger?

President Barack Obama and Spiderman

President Barack Obama and Spiderman

Posted by Audiegrl
In an excellent column on Huffington Post today, Rob Kall begs the question…

Will Spiderman Become a Teabagger?

Will Loss Of Super-Hero Diversity Hurt Our Culture?

Will Wolverine become the Darth Vader, Cheney-Style, of comicbook-dom?

The Walt Disney Company, which, through it’s network, ABC, has channeled right wing messages, has acquired Marvel Entertainment inc.

Will edgy characters become Bambi-like because Disney is pressured by the Religious right? Or will Disney enter the darker worlds that Marvel Comics has historically explored?

Will Disney’s management, with its history of channeling conservative messages on ABC, subtly influence the way superheroes operate– defending torture, invading countries that didn’t start a conflict? Will Captain America become a privatized Blackwater or Xe mercenary, killing innocent bystanders in Iraq?

Will the Fantastic four carry signs into outer space demanding they keep their private insurer health care? Will Johnny, the Torch, spell out, in flaming letters in the sky, “NOBAMA.”

Will The Hulk– the big ugly green alter ego for professor Bruce Banner– become the spokesman for the other green– capitalist greed? Maybe Disney will spin him off to Goldman Sachs. Then they could name a stadium after him. “The Goldman Sach Hulk Green Is Good Stadium?” Er, maybe not.


Rob goes into the specifics of Disney’s long history of sending conservative messages. It’s probably a good thing that they already had Comic-con last month… So here’s your chance all our fanboy and fangirl readers, let me know what you think about this?


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6 responses to “Will Spiderman Become a Teabagger?

  1. hershelwellingtoniv

    As an animated character myself, I feel Disney will be able to wash the minds of many of the young kids nowadays. I think the focus of this buy out shouldn’t be on how Marvel comics might changed (which by the way they have gotten really over dramatic) but on the complete media control Disney now has when it comes to preschoolers all the way up to teens and young adults.

  2. audiegrl

    Welcome hershel 🙂

  3. thelcster

    as a comic fan….i must say that i am thoroughly dissapointed by the marvel buy out. disney will control one of the last important mediums of our time. my fear is that disney will dampen to level of comics coming out in an attempt to shift marvel to their core audience. hannah montana and wonder woman should never be said in the same sentence! i may have to go to one of these town hall meetings if i see a new issue of spiderman coming out in which he is fighting mickey mouse

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