And the Award for Craziest Teabagger Goes to…

Posted by Audiegrl
Honestly, this is a hard one. There are so many people in this video whose outstanding teabaggery performance should have at least received a nomination. But after much discussion with my fellow judges, we would like to announce the winner.

So the award for ‘Craziest Teabagger in a Original Anti-Health Care Demonstration” goes to, drum roll, please… The lady in the fushia shirt who felt that… she was ignorant before she was educated by Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage!

Congratulations to the winner, and to all of those whose performances were notably crazy, but in the end, just not crazy enough. Sorry, we have pretty high standards here. 😉

Please look for our upcoming series, Teabagger’s Gone Wild!

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9 responses to “And the Award for Craziest Teabagger Goes to…

  1. these MFers scare the bejeezus out of me. The mob mentality could spill over into civil unrest. Or am I taking them too seriously?

    • audiegrl

      No Geo, you are spot on. 😦 I tried to show them in a comical light, but you are absolutely right that the Secret Service should be on extra alert. The way the crazy hosts on Clusterfox are getting these people so ginned up is very scary indeed. My thoughts are this, if they are this bat-shit crazy after seven months, what the hell are they going to be like in 3 more years, or hopefully 7 more years? What the french?

  2. audiegrl

    One of the best things about this video, is that the person doing the interviews, just let them talk. No, refuting what they said, but just letting them talk. The longer they talked the more it became obvious that they were seriously uninformed.

  3. buellboy

    Talk about the inmates running the asylum! More frightening than anything is that they have no idea what they are talking about and really don’t care.And was it just me or do they behave slightly like the undead? Did you see how they were all wondering around in a zombiesque fashion?! Scary.

  4. hershelwellingtoniv

    As the only one with a monocle, I feel it is my duty as a gentleman to point out the wrestling match this has become (and for the record I mean more of a WWE SmackDown and not the Olympic sport). What we have in the left corner is a face (left meaning the Democrats or progressives) and in the right we have the heel (right meaning in this match the TeaBaggers). For those who don’t know a heel in wrestling is the bad guy and the face (short for babyface) is the good guys. The heel’s purpose is to be the villain no one wants to see win and be the comic relief like every Scooby-doo ghost or monster. The audience looks and laughs at the heel and even boos as it pulls its cheap tricks but you have to have a heel to sell the face. I am not condoning or siding with the TeaBaggers but just pointing out how boring this would all be if there was no opposition being heard (at least boring in the company of VH1 or Tyra). And the heel also adds credence to the face making the audience think ,” man I hope someone beats this guy,” and then low and behold here comes the face to save the audience from the presence of the heel. Not to bore you with the details of wrestling but the story between the two never really ends and the heel plays dirty and the face always wins.

    • audiegrl

      Well, Sir Hershel, I hope the ‘faces’ win this one. I also hope that none of the ‘heels’ get so angry that they hurt someone. In wrestling all the faces and heels are usually friends behind the scenes and its all done in good fun. In this case, the faces and heels are arch-enemies. 😉

      • thelcster

        I’m glad i’m not the only one who watches wrestling hershey kiss…
        i just want to know why these people STILL don’t know the diffrence between facism/socialism/communism/ and being a moron

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