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And the Award for Craziest Teabagger Goes to…

Posted by Audiegrl
Honestly, this is a hard one. There are so many people in this video whose outstanding teabaggery performance should have at least received a nomination. But after much discussion with my fellow judges, we would like to announce the winner.

So the award for ‘Craziest Teabagger in a Original Anti-Health Care Demonstration” goes to, drum roll, please… The lady in the fushia shirt who felt that… she was ignorant before she was educated by Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Michael Savage!

Congratulations to the winner, and to all of those whose performances were notably crazy, but in the end, just not crazy enough. Sorry, we have pretty high standards here. 😉

Please look for our upcoming series, Teabagger’s Gone Wild!

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Will Spiderman Become a Teabagger?

President Barack Obama and Spiderman

President Barack Obama and Spiderman

Posted by Audiegrl
In an excellent column on Huffington Post today, Rob Kall begs the question…

Will Spiderman Become a Teabagger?

Will Loss Of Super-Hero Diversity Hurt Our Culture?

Will Wolverine become the Darth Vader, Cheney-Style, of comicbook-dom?

The Walt Disney Company, which, through it’s network, ABC, has channeled right wing messages, has acquired Marvel Entertainment inc.

Will edgy characters become Bambi-like because Disney is pressured by the Religious right? Or will Disney enter the darker worlds that Marvel Comics has historically explored?

Will Disney’s management, with its history of channeling conservative messages on ABC, subtly influence the way superheroes operate– defending torture, invading countries that didn’t start a conflict? Will Captain America become a privatized Blackwater or Xe mercenary, killing innocent bystanders in Iraq?

Will the Fantastic four carry signs into outer space demanding they keep their private insurer health care? Will Johnny, the Torch, spell out, in flaming letters in the sky, “NOBAMA.”

Will The Hulk– the big ugly green alter ego for professor Bruce Banner– become the spokesman for the other green– capitalist greed? Maybe Disney will spin him off to Goldman Sachs. Then they could name a stadium after him. “The Goldman Sach Hulk Green Is Good Stadium?” Er, maybe not.


Rob goes into the specifics of Disney’s long history of sending conservative messages. It’s probably a good thing that they already had Comic-con last month… So here’s your chance all our fanboy and fangirl readers, let me know what you think about this?


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White House Launches Virtual Town Hall For Troops

recent virtual town hall

recent virtual town hall

Posted by Betham37
I’m really impressed with the POTUS and this action.  I believe it is truly a first.  When you think about the fact that these men and women are over there fighting for our country, this to me is a great way to hold your hand out to them.



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Rachel Maddow: I Had Swine Flu!

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow

Posted by Audiegrl
Last night on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon“, Rachel Maddow told the host that during her time off last week, she had H1N1/Swine Flu.

“I had the flu,” she told Fallon. “The capital F Flu. I went and I got diagnosed, and everything, and I got the special swine flu drugs. I’m better!”

“The audience should be in a bubble right now,” Fallon told her.

“It was a really stanky flu and I had to take a week off,” she said.

Maddow added that while health care is usually “the most boring topic in the whole world,” it’s “been really fun to cover” because of the “dramatic,” “crazy” opposition.

The whole segment can be viewed here.

I, Claudius

I, Claudius

Another thing she mentioned was that while recooperating she watched the boxed set of I, Claudius. A 1976 BBC Television adaptation of Robert Graves’s I, Claudius and Claudius the God. Written by Jack Pulman, it proved one of the corporation’s most successful drama serials of all time. It also provided popular initial exposure for several actors who would eventually become well known, such as Sir Derek Jacobi, Siân Phillips, Sir Patrick Stewart, John Rhys-Davies and Sir John Hurt.

Glad to know that I’m not the only Roman history nerd out there. If you think our Senators are a tall trip, please take a look at the Senators of ancient Rome. I highly recommend the books and the mini-series. 🙂


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Obama Announces Highest Expanded Manufacturing Numbers in 19 Months

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

Posted by Audiegrl
Bloomberg News reportsManufacturing in the U.S. probably expanded in August for the first time in 19 months, helping lead the economy out of the worst recession since the 1930s.

The Institute for Supply Management’s factory gauge increased to 50.5 from 48.9 in July, according to the median of 74 forecasts in a Bloomberg News survey. Fifty is the dividing line between expansion and contraction. Other reports may show housing is also rebounding.

The gains indicate Federal Reserve efforts to thaw credit markets together with the Obama administration’s “cash-for- clunkers” program and tax credits for first-time homebuyers are reviving demand. Factories and builders, which have accounted for half of all the jobs lost since the recession began in December 2007, may keep growing in coming months as sales rise.


I am sure most of our trusted TV outlets will not seriously feature the encouraging economic news. It’s much easier to go for the ‘shiny object‘ story of Dems fighting Dems on health care reform. So I thought that we should give the good economic news some attention on our little blog. We like to give President Obama credit, where credit is due. 😉


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Same-sex marriages begin in Vermont

Posted by GeoT
Hopefully this is one step on the road to nationwide recognition of same-sex marriages and full rights under the Constitution. I mean really, the time has come.
DUXBURY, Vt. — After 17 years together, Bill Slimback and Bob Sullivan couldn’t wait another minute to get married. So they didn’t.
With Vermont’s new law allowing same-sex marriage only a minute old, they tied the knot in a midnight ceremony at a rustic lodge, becoming one of the first couples to legally wed under a law that took effect at midnight Monday.


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Dick In 2012?

Posted by GeoT
…or since he likes pulling the strings from behind the curtain…and she needs a puppet master.
Sarah/Dick 2012


At first, it seemed like a joke. Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto opined on Monday that — if the 2012 election were to turn to national security — “it’s hard to think of a better candidate… than Richard B. Cheney.”

But while his headline — “Cheney for President” — provoked guffaws in some quarters, several of the party’s most well-regarded strategists and pollsters are actually taking the idea deadly seriously.

Sam Stein


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“We Can’t Afford to Wait” Vigils for Health Care Reform

Posted by GeoT
from MoveOn.org:

We can’t afford to wait.
This Wednesday, we’re organizing candlelight vigils to read the names and hear the stories of the people suffering under our broken health care system.

Attend a vigil in your town »

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