Bone Collectors

Victim Jaycee Dugard, age 11

Victim Jaycee Dugard, age 11

Posted by Bluedog89
As the search of Jaycee Dugard’s alleged captors’ backyard continues, authorities announced that a bone fragment has been found next door to suspect Phillip Garrido’s house. The announcement came as crime scene investigators scour every inch of Garrido’s property, including the tent-and-shed compound that hid Dugard for 18 years. Although the bone was found near Garrido’s backyard, he is alleged to have some ties to the property where the bone was located. Police at this time are not sure if the bone collected is human or animal, but the fragment will be tested as soon as possible to determine its origins.

Rumors are circulating the crime scene that two girls living in Garrido’s Antioch neighborhood were abducted in the late 1980s, prior to Dugard’s abduction in 1991. Police are also speculating that Garrido may be involved in several cases involving missing prostitutes. Sources refuse to comment further about any evidence tying Garrido to these crimes.


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8 responses to “Bone Collectors

  1. audiegrl

    BD, you are spot on! Once again were are reminded that the legal system in this country does not work. How many more innocent lives must be lost before we do some serious reforming of our legal system? We owe our children more than this. I’m sick of hearing about the ‘war on drugs’ arresting low level dealers and sentencing them to jail time that is longer than a convicted sex offender sh*t-bird like Garrido.

    What about the ‘war on our children’?

  2. audiegrl

    According to CNN, this is the madman’s blog

    • OMG! WTF?! This guy sounds schizophrenic. How did he function in the “real world” with this type of behavior? His rantings are way beyond those of someone who is merely quirky or eccentric. He is certifiable!

      • audiegrl

        Agreed. He must have been functioning at a very low level. I tried to read a post, and couldn’t make heads or tails out of what he was talking about. Obviously, that is a good thing.

  3. Oh sis, I read the entire thing. How warped am I?! LOL. But there I was, passing by the train wreck, and I had to stop and look. I can see why Jaycee had to handle much of his printing business — w/all his proselytizing, there’d be no time for real work!

  4. BTW, I posted another article on Life of Crime last night about the search for clues on the Garrido property. It’s called “Digging for the Truth.” It covers the basics of this article, but I was able to capture a pic of the property I hadn’t seen before.

    Not to give too much away, but what do you think about me writing about what we’ve been discussing offline w/Geo? As a victim’s advocate, I’d like to focus on that right now more than on the gory details. I don’t feel the need to glorify Garrido or sensationalize Jaycee’s plight anymore at this point. Unless the muthaf*cka turns out to be more than what’s been documented so far, then I’ll be all over that like white on rice. 🙂

  5. thelcster

    “THE U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE SOURCE OF MIND CONTROL”…that was my favorite post of his. i’m glad i read that so i can stop looking into the source of mind control on a governmental level! lol
    this man was not doing to well but as we all know people do not have to be functioning at a very high level to be out on the streets. neither does it say much that his p.o. did not find the people living in his backyard, the p.o. more than likely has a large case load. our system is seriously screwed. I cant wait to join the fight…

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