Kennedy’s 1980 Speech At The DNC

Senator Edward Kennedy 1932-2009

Senator Edward Kennedy 1932-2009

Posted by Audiegrl
This is Senator Kennedy’s “The Dream Will Never Die” speech given at the 1980 DNC. He had just lost the nomination to Jimmy Carter, but still wanted to let his supporters know that he was still fighting for them. I remember watching this, because this was the first year I was old enough to vote.

My parents always instilled in me that voting was a privilege and an honor and a duty that should not be wasted. Although they had migrated north in 1942, they were not allowed to vote until they cast their vote for John F. Kennedy in 1960. The pollsters before that used all types of litmus tests and tricks to disenfranchise African-American voters. Like asking them to recite Shakespeare’s sonnets, or something that was bound to disqualify them from voting. My dad after WWII even tried going to vote in his Navy uniform, but still was not allowed to vote. So once they voted for President Kennedy, the die was cast, and not-voting was not an option in my family. 🙂

I still remember my Dad taking me to the polls with them, letting me come inside the booth and holding me up, so I could see the ballot. I did the same thing with my daughter, and one of my proudest moments was last year, when she and I drove together to cast our vote for President Barack Obama. In a way, our families history of voting will always be tied to the Kennedy brothers and we will always be thankful for what they brought to this country.  So please enjoy the video and remember…


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4 responses to “Kennedy’s 1980 Speech At The DNC

  1. betham37

    I just read from the biography of Joan Bennett Kennedy. Really a very tragic story.

  2. “I remember watching this, because this was the first year I was old enough to vote”

    yeah me too 😉

    Those of us who’ve never been told “no, you can’t vote” tend to take the process for granted. At least we did until 8 years of Bush made us realize how important it really is, every vote.

  3. My parents instilled in me from the get-go the importance of voting. My father was heaviliy involved in local politics prior to his death, and it was exciting to watch the process as a child. I even remember participating in a mock election in jr. high for Reagan vs. Mondale (uh, yeah, I was one of the few in my small country school chanting “Go Mondale!”).

    My 1st opportunity to vote for prez was during Clinton’s 1st run for office. That was truly exciting for me–I was in college–in the middle of the action–meeting all of the big candidates on campus and going to rallies. I really felt like I was finally participating in the world around me. I could make a difference! I knew that my vote counted. And I was convinced of that several years later during the Gore/Bush debacle.

    It saddens me that so many of my peers do not vote. They don’t believe that their vote counts. WTF?! If anything, in this day and age, our votes count more than ever. Our voices must be heard! We must continue to carry the torch in honor of the Kennedy Bros. and the causes they championed. Peace out.

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