Farewell Teddy— 1932-2009

Rest in Peace…

The Brothers Kennedy

The Brothers Kennedy

Posted by GeoT
You were a fighter to the end, for those who are most in need. We hope to carry on your legacy and pass health care legislation that will embody the things you believed in and worked for: health care for all. dignity for all…. President Obama: put in high gear, let’s do this in Teddy’s honor!!

The Story Breaking from ABCnews

Ted Kennedy’s Life And Legacy (wbztv.com)


Kennedy successor to be chosen by special election
By The Associated Press (AP)


Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), the only senator to have served longer than the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), mourned his friend Wednesday, saying his “heart and soul weeps.”

Byrd said he hoped healthcare reform legislation in the Senate would be renamed in memoriam of Kennedy.

from “The Hill” Byrd wants health bill renamed for Kennedy


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7 responses to “Farewell Teddy— 1932-2009

  1. Audiegrl

    Rest in peace Senator Kennedy.

  2. ogenec

    Ditto, AG. GeoT, amen!!

  3. By The Associated Press (AP) – 18 minutes ago
    Unlike in most states, a successor to fill Sen. Edward Kennedy’s seat in the Senate will be chosen through a special election, not by the governor.

    This means one less vote for the health care bill, but perhaps Teddy in death will inspire those on the fence to take a stand and thus actually be the catalyst for a bill of substance.

  4. betham37

    Very very sad. And what a legacy he has left. I hope that everyone now will band together and pass the Health Care Reform with a Public Option.

    He guys, it’s me Betsy. Had to change my log in so I could get on to the blog. 🙂

  5. betham37

    LOL, well, it’s the only way I could get on here. Still can’t seem to post anything. But I think I will let that rest today out of respect for Teddy.
    Stayed up late last night to see the Rockies beat the Dodgers and then went to bed without checking the news. But I don’t think it came over the news before midnight. Not sure though. Who will take his place. I hope someone as strong and as dedicated to the rights of people as he was. Maybe one of his sons.

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