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This will make you get off your cell phone while drivingFirefighters try to separate a car from a plane on U.S. Highway 101 about one mile northeast of the Santa Barbara Calif. Airport on Sunday Aug. 23, 2009. The Federal Aviation Administration says the small airplane was struck by a car after making an emergency landing on a Santa Barbara freeway.

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L.A. Times: Rep. Maxine Waters a hard-liner for public healthcare option

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At a town hall at L.A. Southwest College, the congresswoman says she’ll back a package only if it includes a government-run insurance plan. The issue seems to be dividing lawmakers in Washington.

“President Obama has been trying to reach across the aisle” to win a compromise with Republicans, Waters said. “It is not going to happen.”

“We’re saying to you, Mr. President, ‘Be tough. Use everything that you’ve got. Do what you have to do. And we have your back.’


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The Guns of August by Frank Rich

Frank Rich/The New York Times

Frank Rich/The New York Times

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“IT is time to water the tree of liberty” said the sign carried by a gun-toting protester milling outside President Obama’s town-hall meeting in New Hampshire two weeks ago. The Thomas Jefferson quote that inspired this message, of course, said nothing about water: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” That’s the beauty of a gun — you don’t have to spell out the “blood.”

The protester was a nut. America has never had a shortage of them. But what’s Tom Coburn’s excuse? Coburn is a Republican senator from Oklahoma, where 168 people were murdered by right-wing psychopaths who bombed a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Their leader, Timothy McVeigh, had the Jefferson quote on his T-shirt when he committed this act of mass murder. Yet last Sunday, when asked by David Gregory on “Meet the Press” if he was troubled by current threats of “violence against the government,” Coburn blamed not the nuts but the government.–Frank Rich

Take some time and read the whole op-ed by clicking here.

On DKos teacherken has an excellent diary titled “Two columns, two papers, have some still not learned?”. It joins the ‘Guns of August‘ column and the Washington Post op-ed ‘A Cold Case, Still Burning‘ written by Jerry Mitchell. Teacherken did a wonderful and thought provoking diary tying both columns together. It really makes you think…

Click here to check it out.

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