Michael Moore’s ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’

Posted by Audiegrl

It’s a crime story. But it’s also a war story about class warfare. And a vampire movie, with the upper 1 percent feeding off the rest of us. And, of course, it’s also a love story. Only it’s about an abusive relationship.

It’s not about an individual, like Roger Smith, or a corporation, or even an issue, like health care. This is the big enchilada. This is about the thing that dominates all our lives — the economy. I made this movie as if it was going to be the last movie I was allowed to make.–Michael Moore

For anyone who would like to read Michael’s diary on DKos and send him a message, you can find it here.

The movie will be in theaters on October 2nd.

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One response to “Michael Moore’s ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’

  1. I JUST watched “Sicko” last week and I watched “Fahrenheit 911” at least a year after it came out… I’ll do better this time Michael, I promise.

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